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The Ultimate Road Trip to Discover Northern Wisconsin’s Spectacular Waterfalls

If you’ve ever set foot in Wisconsin, chances are you’ve heard whispers or caught glimpses of its myriad enchanting waterfalls. Often hidden treasures cherished by locals, Wisconsin’s waterfalls possess the power to leave you awestruck. After your visit, consider creating a personalized photobook to immortalize those cherished memories. This northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip encapsulates the very best waterfalls the state has to offer in one delightful journey.

It’s time to refuel, stock up on snacks, and perhaps pack your swimsuit as you embark on an adventure to explore these secluded waterfalls. If you’re seeking other road trip options beyond the northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip in the region, don’t miss out on discovering the finest Upper Midwest road trip itinerary!

Big Manitou Falls

Our inaugural stop on this northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip takes us to the majestic Big Manitou Falls. Nestled in Superior, Wisconsin, this is a destination not to be missed.

This Wisconsin waterfall stands tall at an impressive 165 feet, living up to its reputation as “Wisconsin’s Tallest Waterfall.” The easiest way to savor this natural wonder is by following the well-marked road signs leading to the parking lot for Pattison State Park. Here, you’ll find a charming picnic area and a compact lookout point, ideal for a quick visit.

For those yearning for a more expansive view of the falls, an additional lookout is situated on the opposite side of the Black River, offering more open space to appreciate the grandeur of Big Manitou Falls.

Little Manitou Falls

Since we’re already in Superior, it only makes sense to pay a visit to Big Manitou Falls’ counterpart, Little Manitou Falls, on our northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip.

Though it stands at a relatively modest 30 feet compared to its sibling’s 135 feet, Little Manitou Falls is by no means overshadowed. These falls are distinctively split, resulting in a visually captivating and memorable display within the park.

If you’re fortunate, you may find a path to the base of the waterfall, affording an upward view that’s truly remarkable. For those eager to embark on a hike to witness both Manitou Falls, keep an eye out for the 3-mile round-trip trek (1.5 miles each way).

Amnicon Falls

If you’re in search of a cascade of waterfalls, look no further. Amnicon Falls offers a stunning series of falls within the State Park, making it a perfect addition to your northern Wisconsin waterfall road trip.

With over 1.8 miles of hiking trails through the lush Wisconsin forest, you’ll be treated to the sight of rapids gradually transforming into numerous waterfalls. Located not far from Superior in South Range, Amnicon serves as the perfect next stop on your road trip.

The falls are divided into Upper and Lower Falls areas, and the good news is that swimming is permitted in both, allowing you to cool off in the refreshing waters.

Saxon Falls

Our next destination is the picturesque Saxon Falls, situated in Hurley, Wisconsin. Plunging over 90 feet, Saxon Falls is another must-see waterfall on this journey.

As one of the prominent waterfalls formed on the Wisconsin-Michigan border, Saxon Falls boasts one of the deepest gorges in the Midwest below the falls. Accessing Saxon Falls can be a bit challenging, but there’s a nearby dam where you can park and start your journey on a trail leading to the falls. Luckily, most of the trail is a boardwalk that traverses over diversion pipes.

You can admire the falls from both the top and bottom, with the upper view particularly renowned for its spectacular scenery.

Potato River Falls

After parking and following a brief trail from the parking lot, you’ll be rewarded with a captivating view of Potato River Falls.

Located in Gurney, Wisconsin, this waterfall ranks among the most impressive in the state. Potato River Falls offers an expansive and diverse experience, making it perfect for those with a penchant for adventure. If you’ve grown tired of sticking to the well-trodden paths in the parks, this stop is tailor-made for you.

Feel free to explore the falls from various angles, as many small paths have already been forged, but exercise caution to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Brownstone Falls

Standing at a seemingly modest 30 feet, Brownstone Falls is an essential stop on your Wisconsin waterfall road trip. While it may not immediately strike you as noteworthy, this waterfall has a reputation for its scenic charm, attracting dozens of visitors daily during the summer months.

Situated in Copper Falls State Park, this waterfall marks the point where Tyler’s Fork of the Bad River cascades into the Bad River Gorge. While there is a $10 daily fee to access the park, the good news is that other waterfalls are also within the vicinity, including Copper Falls and Red Granite Falls, both of which are located inside the park.

Brownstone Falls captivates with its picturesque surroundings, characterized by reddish-brown rock formations, solidifying its status as one of the most scenic falls in Wisconsin.

Morgan Falls

Concluding our tour on the Wisconsin waterfall road trip, we arrive at Morgan Falls. Situated in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, this waterfall stands tall, slender, and striking as the water gracefully descends over the rock formations.

Commencing from a forest road, this hike spans a mere 1.2 miles roundtrip. The waterfall itself takes the form of a steep, narrow cascade zigzagging along the crevices in the rock. With a main drop measuring 40 feet, the water eventually finds its way into a small splash pool. Morgan Falls may be located in a remote area, but there are clear signs guiding you precisely where you need to be.

Morgan Falls sets itself apart from the other falls on our list due to its distinctive characteristics. The narrow water passages have given rise to fascinating rock formations, offering a mesmerizing spectacle that can be observed from the trail.

Are you ready for a magical adventure exploring the waterfalls of northern Wisconsin on this Wisconsin waterfall road trip? This exhilarating journey promises to be extraordinary as you traverse dirt roads and remote trails to discover what few have witnessed. Don’t forget to pack your camera and, once again, your swimsuit, to ensure these unforgettable memories are preserved for a lifetime.

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