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Top 5 Must-Visit Destinations for Vegan Food Enthusiasts

As a vegan food enthusiast, you’re likely familiar with the best local spots for plant-based delights. But why not broaden your culinary horizons with a global vegan food adventure? Robbie Fowle from H&T, a travel money expert, recommends these top five destinations for a vegan’s travel bucket list.

Veganism’s popularity is soaring, with significant numbers in the UK and worldwide embracing this lifestyle. Whether you’re new to veganism or a long-time advocate, exploring international vegan cuisines is an exciting venture.

While you may be well-versed in local or national vegan hotspots, there are countless international destinations offering an array of vegan culinary experiences.

Bali, Indonesia

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Bali’s breathtaking landscapes are matched by its culinary offerings. The island is a treasure trove of tropical fruits like mangoes, papayas, and pineapples, ideal for snacking. Bali’s fresh produce supports a thriving vegan dining scene, particularly in areas like Seminyak and Ubud. Here, you’ll find a variety of vegan-friendly options, including smoothie bowls, wraps, and desserts. Don’t miss the Gado Gado, a beloved Indonesian salad with tofu and peanut sauce. Bali’s lower cost of living allows for diverse dining experiences that also contribute to the local economy. The Indonesian Rupiah is the local currency, making dining affordable compared to UK prices.

New York, USA

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New York City, a dream destination for many, is also a haven for vegan food lovers. The city embraces veganism, with eateries offering plant-based versions of classic New York dishes. Don’t miss Marty’s V Burger for an acclaimed vegan burger experience. New York’s street food markets, like Chelsea Market and Turnstyle Underground Market, are also great for quick, delicious bites.

Berlin, Germany

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Despite Germany’s meat-centric culinary reputation, Berlin’s vegan scene is flourishing. The city offers a variety of vegan dining options, including vegan doner kebabs and upscale meals at AttayaCaffe. Berlin also hosts Europe’s largest vegan summer festival. With the affordability of Berlin, many vegan meals are available under €10, making it a budget-friendly destination for plant-based eating. The city’s vibrant food markets, like Street Food Thursdays at Markthalle Neun, offer diverse culinary experiences.

Kerala, India

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India’s southern state of Kerala is a vegan paradise, known as the ‘land of coconut trees.’ Many Keralan dishes are naturally vegan, including curries like erissery. The state’s breakfast offerings, such as appam and dosa, are vegan-friendly. The Indian Rupee goes a long way in Kerala, with affordable dining options for travelers. Engaging in a local vegan food tour can enhance your culinary experience.

Machu Picchu, Peru

The inca ruins of the lost city Machu Picchu during daytime with tourists visiting the site near the city of Cusco, Peru, South America.

Peru may surprise you with its plant-based dining options. The country has embraced veganism, with festivals and vegan versions of traditional dishes like lomo saltado and picarones. In Machu Picchu and other regions, you’ll find vegan-friendly fare, including refreshing salads like solterito queso. The Peruvian Sol is the local currency, and the country offers various vegan tours combining sightseeing and cooking classes.

These five destinations are perfect for vegans seeking culinary adventures. From New York’s bustling streets to the serene landscapes of Kerala, each offers unique and delightful vegan experiences.

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